Our Story

Fabartisty is an innovative enterprise dedicated to making homeware products which do not contribute to the carbon footprint. Combining deep-rooted cultural value with the beautiful work of rural artisans, to create a broad palette of natural products is what makes Fabartistry.

Home is where one finds peace, shares life experiences and lives with comfort. Living In a world of consumerism, having an organic lifestyle has become the need of the hour. Simplify and make life beautiful. This simple thought brought three like-minded women together, and that marked the beginning of Fabartistry in 2018. What made Fabartistry a refreshing new venture is the idea of fusing earthy elements into our daily lives.

Rather than commercial factory-made products, the founding members wanted to create job opportunities for rural artisans, thus contributing to empower the backbone of the country. Rather than scaling for-profit, Fabartistry believes in delivering quality and uniqueness to it's customers.

Fabartistry’s range of homeware, cookware, dinnerware, furnishing and decor are perfectly curated for a minimalist, contemporary and simple living.



Puja Hanjura: A proud mother of two, NIT alumni, Electrical Engineering, worked with TCS India and Walmart USA. She takes care of the logical decision-making procedures at Fabartistry.

Sukanya Ashok: PGBDM in Marketing, Kothari Business Academy, previously worked in the banking industry; known as the financial wiz of Fabartistry. Today, she manages the demands of 2 daughters and ensures Fabartistry is running like a smoothly oiled machinery.




Creating a range of naturally-made homeware that is eco-friendly, yet doesn't compromise on style or finesse.

Harnessing the goodness of nature and fusing it with refreshing new styles and designs. Simple, yet beautiful homeware collections of Fabartistry products.

Our hand-crafted products like tableware, drinkware, cutlery, cookware, table linens, etc. are made from naturally sourced ingredients like jute fiber, banana fiber, cast iron, neem wood, and so on. They're not just bio-degradable, but safer and healthier alternatives.


Creating aesthetic products that reflect the love for environment.

We aim to introduce organic living through a range of homeware, cookware, dinnerware, and decor products, also ensuring lesser carbon footprint for the planet and better employment for the skilled artisans of India.


Fabartistry was created with the ideology of bringing products that not only look good, but do good. Our beautiful and seamless designs crafted carefully by local artists, take time & effort. Every product is safe, qualifies for food grade, and is carefully designed to last longer.

In an effort to change the world into a better place to live in the future, Fabartistry products are 100% natural, with components like wood, iron metal, bamboo, jute fiber, etc.

Naturally sourced and devoid of chemical additives, every product is sustainable and biodegradable.


A stylishly organic lifestyle reflected through homeware; handcrafted and brings an aesthetic look to your home and kitchen, is the focus of Fabartistry.

Fabartistry’s range of natural home ware is functional, and holistic at the same time. They add an aura of sophistication and elegance to your home, which plastic and artificial cookware can never replicate.

From utilizing natural and biodegradable elements, to taking help from local artisans and forgers, to creating beautifully designed merchandise... everything at Fabartistry is locally hand-made.

Reviving the once-thriving business of the locals is the main draw of Fabartistry. With their expert handcrafting skills on natural products, every finished item is a unique masterpiece in itself.