Fab Artistry For You. Fab Homeware For Mother Earth.

Our Story

Two ultra modern women grounded in sound traditional values realised that homeware products contributed significantly to one’s carbon footprint. Inspired by the eclectic wisdom of the ages, they explored organic options and discovered that the entire range of homeware, cookware, dinnerware, furnishing and decor could be created and curated for a minimalist, contemporary and simple living. More discoveries followed that convinced them that this was not only good for the environment but also for the individual, communities and society at large!

A Win-Win-Win Solution

Fabartistry is a world where elegance meets eco-consciousness. Every piece is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted from nature's bounty - jute fibre, banana fibre, cast iron, neem wood, and the like. Highly functional, our homeware are handcrafted treasures that provide a lifeline to highly skilled local artisans. They are not only biodegradable, but are also safer and healthier alternatives to the typical homeware available in the market today.

Our Vision

To constantly reduce the world’s carbon footprint in a manner that is unique, aesthetic and beneficial to communities and societies.
The focus is on benefiting the local skilled artisan communities in our societies.

Our Mission

To help every individual contribute to saving the environment for a better tomorrow by providing them eco-friendly and sustainable products. The range of homeware, cookware, dinnerware, and decor products will look good and function better than the typically used products. 
Rather than scaling for-profit, Fabartistry believes in scaling for-value, delivering quality and uniqueness to its customers.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our intricately designed products are bespoke, birthed from the skilled hands of local artists. They not only exude beauty but also carry a profound commitment to doing good. Meticulously crafted with care and free from chemical additives, each item is visually stunning and also meets the highest standards for food safety and longevity.

Our Founding and Nurturing Mothers

Puja Hanjura, a devoted mother of two and NIT Electrical Engineering alum, spearheads logical decision-making at Fabartistry with her experience at TCS India and Walmart USA. 

Sukanya Ashok, a PGBDM in Marketing, brings financial prowess, honed in the banking sector, ensuring Fabartistry runs seamlessly while managing her other role as a mother of two daughters.