Neem Wood Long handle Flip Ladle

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Fabartistry brings you Natural Premium Neem long handle Flip/Dosa ladle for cooking and sauteing . Being natural and with no chemicals, these handcrafted ladles are Eco friendly, and biodegradable. Neem is naturally anti bacterial and is an important part of our Indian culture. Neem is also called Azadirachta indica or Margosa and and prevents growth of microbes. These ladles are made of a single block of wood and with a smooth natural finish giving the ladles high durability and a scratch free cooking experience . Neem cookware gives you a chance to bring traditional wisdom into your modern kitchen.

*Natural Neem Wood * No Polish or varnish * Soft and smooth edges * Heat resistant *Non reactive on food * Easy maintenance

Care Instructions

*Apply oil on surface and leave to soak as long as possible * Do not soak in water for too long
*Use mild soap and water to clean and dry thoroughly
*Handle with care


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