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“A plastic-free world may seem like a distant dream given today’s age of consumerism. However, a few steps taken one at a time will go a long way to make this world plastic free.”

With the above thought in mind, a team of three enterprising women with different backgrounds and love for sustainable living came together to create FabArtistry in the year of 2018.

FabArtistry is here to welcome back nature into this world! With open arms and a heart that beats in unison with creation, slowly and steadily, just as nature intended to sustain creation, we are here to present artistic products that will rekindle your hunger for that special “thing” to rejuvenate your home.

Our Company

At FabArtistry, we wish to offer an experience in every product we sell to you! We spend several hours developing our product catalog working with artisans at their pace and to their ultimate benefit. We don’t run for scale. We promise only what we can deliver with the same love that it took to create the product. We also build to your taste. Yes, we customize! As, we at Fab Artistry believe that our patrons are also creationists who love to make a difference in this world.

Our story is not unlike many successful startups we see in Bangalore. We are three neighbours, all homemakers, living in the same society sharing similar passions. Having tasted the corporate life in well known companies in the past, we all wanted to utilize our abilities to make a difference in our own lives as well as those of others. Our views about sustainable living and doing our bit for the environment took us from exhibition to exhibition shopping for unique, sustainable, natural products for our own use.

Our fun times together slowly morphed into a vision. To do our bit for the environment by encouraging our common friends and acquaitances to switch to natural products. Long story short… that is how FabArtistry was born.

Our Team

We bring a collective experience of over two decades in retail, e-commerce, marketing and sales. We have come together to serve our passion for making this world a safe, clean and beautiful place to live, one product at a time.

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